live motion hockey cards (6 of ?)

nhl players + bitching


Roberto Luongo sent his wife flowers every day until she agreed to go out with him, the least you can do is text me back.

Anthony, Jeremy and William Brodeur @ Devils Development Camp [x]


one player from each team: alex burrows of the vancouver canucks


Some of the lovely tributes to Robin.

(X, X, X and X)


Saw this dog for adoption, he’s obviously been practicing for visitors


NHL JERSEYS - Vancouver Canucks
Home and Road Jerseys 1978-1985 (with minor adjustments)

"I’m gonna nominate Kevin Darveau, Chris Clarke and also Philippe Desrosiers from the Rimouski Océanic." (x)

I first met Rypper at the end of the lockout year, just before the playoffs in Manitoba. Rypper had just come out of junior from Regina. He was a young guy out of junior and still had a baby face. The first time we saw him we didn’t really know what to expect. But once he hit the ice, you could tell he was fearless. He was a really good skater and he loved to crash and bang. When he got into his first fight down there it was a real eye opener.
    — Alex Burrows

Henrik & Daniel proving that they have some creepy twin telepathy shit going on (x)


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